Wake Fintech

Welcome to Wake Fintech

Welcome to Wake Fintech

Come learn about the different ways that technology can directly connect users in ways that disrupt the existing financial infrastructure

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Rob Michele


Rob Michele Alex Brockman
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The purpose of this club

  1. Industry Connection

We actively engage leading firms outside of the classroom. We have spent the last three years developing personal relationships with employees at Fortune 500 companies as well as leading, high growth start-ups. We actively contribute to open-source code, claim bounties in exchange for crypto, and perform high level analysis of projects in the bleeding-edge of the Financial-Technology sector on our blog.

  1. The Transformation of Banking

How has the concept of a ‘bank’ shifted over the past decade? Is Venmo a bank? How has digital fund transfer changed the industry? – These topics and more will be covered.

  1. Develop Technical Skills

We aim to be the first club to take advantage of the ‘Wake Forest Innovation Quarter’ and utilize all that it has to offer. Workshops will be hosted to help students learn systems integration, hardware, and software as related to Fintech applications.

  1. Algorithmic Trading

Learn how high-frequency trading (HFT) has disrupted the investment banking industry by leveraging computative power and deep learning algorythms. We will cover how to write Python scripts to perform quant trades and go over key algorithms and models – including ‘Black-Scholes’ and more.

  1. Blockchain

A blockchain is a cryptographically verified ledger distributed to all active participants in a network. As a result of cryptography and the ‘network effect’ it is hacker proof. The blockchain is a key concept related to Fintech and has many applications in the realm of IOT, smart-contracts, and digital conflict resolution. We actively study core blockchain concepts so that students will be prepared for careers in cutting-edge financial technology.

  1. Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

We will address the theory behind how cryptocurrencies and smart-contract tokens work as well as how they are being implemented across the web. Domestic and international regulatory schemes will be covered - with an emphasis on core precedent such as the Howey Test. Meaningful use cases within the real world will be covered as well.

Our History and Accomplishments

send me an email with info here - i.e. (OGB News Articles, BEN engagement, Kevin O’leary engagemnt, Blockchain Madness, hackathons, etc.)

Our club has an active relationship with the Blockchain Education Network, a 501(3)c non-profit that connects students interested in blockchain technology across the globe. BEN leaders have gone on to work on awesome projects like Storj, Augur, IOTA, Rchain, and others.

Our Advisors

Ted Yerdon, IBM Kevin Leffew, Storj Labs

About the Wake Fintech Club

Our Mission

The Wake Fintech Group was created in order to facilitate conversation related to the evolving nature of the way we can store, exchange, and invest funds by utilizing advancements in technology. Focus lies on high-growth sectors, including: mobile banking, cryptography, quantitative trading, blockchain, future-facing revenue models, and more.

We hold bi-weekly meetings which are generally free of form – open-table and discussion focused. We hold active discussions in our ‘Slack’ Group, as well send weekly emails detailing industry updates and highlighting member analysis. All content created by our members will promoted through our Twitter, Medium, website, and email channels.

The Wake Fintech Group has three primary goals:

  1. To foster interest on Wake’s campus in the industry through hosting relevant guest speakers, brand evangelists, and tech workshopsover the course of the semester.
  2. To learn Wake Fintech will provide biweekly industry updates, as well as an actively curated Medium publication where members can help foster their understanding of industry trends and developments. Whether a slack group member, or recipient of the mailing list, the goal of this club to provide a unique learning opportunity for all people..
  3. To build financial adaptability. The blockchain facilitates a new paradigm how we manage, exchange, and invest our money. As a cutting-edge club, we strive to be frontrunners in this movement through adapting, in whatever ways we can, to the rapidly transforming monetary world.

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